From Joomla to Wordpress

Im about to start on a project concerning a site already using Joomla.
What we are going to do is replace Joomla with WP.
The client needs the existing site live until the WP site is ready. Ill be working with WP on the clients server until then.

My question is:
What is the correct procedure now and when WP is ready regarding the public.html directory?
Ive had similar problems in the past when Ive tried to put an existing WP site into the public.html directory and the URL has still got ‘wordpress’ as part of the address.

Has anyone any advice regarding this issue?

Thank you,

Hi Alan,

It’s possible to install Joomla and Wordpress in separate directories, but I think you may find it easier keeping the sites completely separate(maybe a subdomain until you’re ready to switch them over.
Search the wordpress codex on how install at a sub-directory.

Alan, what exactly do you mean that ‘wordpress’ is part of the address? Did you originally put it in root/wordpress ( and then try moving it to root ( or are you talking about something else?

Hi Pamela.
Yeah thats exactly what I did ( put it in root/wordpress ( until the site was live as there was an existing site on the same server. But when I tried to have the WP site as the root domain I didnt know how to get rid of ‘wordpress’ in the url.

Alan, simply go to Settings -> General.

Then from there change both the WordPress Address (URL), and the Site Address (URL) to simply

Thanks for that Pamela, Ill try it. Ill come back if I have anymore probs.

I did what you said.
The Home page is fine but I got this 404 error message on the next page:
Not Found

The requested URL /training/ was not found on this server.

Ive got it sussed !
I followed the instructions here:
Thanks for your interest and help anyway Pamela.