From itunes to mp3


Have songs taken from my vinyl records and others ripped from CD’s that I own, plus some demos I made with cakewalk, all in Itunes. . The drive where the original
copies were has died irretrievably
Naturally enough, I want to copy them all and put them in a folder.
I’d then like to convert them to mp3 to put in my android pad to be played with an mp3 player app.

Bearing in mind their sources any electronic barring me to do this is silly.

So, mp4 songs (in itunes) to a folder as an mp3 to later copy to other device.

How to do this please? And can I batch

Many thanks.

I think that, if I recall well, when you change the options in iTunes to use mp3 (well, not use but I don’t remember the term), it copied every single song in mp3 format while keeping the original in Apple’s format too

But this was years ago so I can’t be trusted…

Yeah, from memory I think @molona is right, and converting just some within iTunes was also easy; It was as simple as selecting all of your songs you wished to select and right clicking, hitting convert to MP3 or something like that. It’s been awhile though since I used it on either Mac or Windows though.

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