Freeware to Open 4DD Files?


I have a 4DD database of product information given to me by a client and can’t find any tools at all to open it.

They provided me with the software that they use, which I installed, but no luck. I’m not sure why.

Can anyone point me in another direction?


Is this the “official” software package?

30-day trial:

[FONT=“Georgia”]No, it’s the software their clerks use to do retailing.

Thanks for the link, I’ll try it out now :tup:

All I need is something to open up the raw data for me.



No luck.

To use the trial software I need to sign-up for a 30 day trial licence, But no matter how many times I fill out and submit their trial licence form, I’m greeting by an annoying “Connection Failed” screen.

I was looking on their website for a place to create a trial account there, but it seems I’ll have to call up their customer service in the morning to get it sorted.


When are you prompted to register? I can get straight to the download.

Maybe try the full installer, rather than the online installer?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I downloaded fine.

And installed fine.

I started up 4D, no problem.

When I try to open the 4DD file or “Create New…” though, a splash screen comes up asking me to choose a licence type. Either to enter existing licence info or to follow a wizard to create a 30 day trial licence.

I follow the wizard, no problem.

But when I get to the end and click submit, then the “Connection Failed” error comes up (see the screenshot above).

I tried disabling my firewall, so it’s not that. And my Internet is running fine (or I wouldn’t be typing this now).

I have no clue.


Contact support?

[FONT=“Georgia”]This morning.

And I tried calling too. Still waiting on a reply…

We abandoned that plan. We’re working on having the client type up the info for us instead.

Thanks for your suggestions though. A pity I couldn’t get it sorted this way; Would have saved lots of time.


Oh well…that’s how it goes sometimes :frowning: