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I had previously registered with freenom for free, for a year. However, the year expired some time ago and is no longer appearing in my list of domains. But when I try and search for to see if I can register it for another year it is showing as unavailable. Does anyone know if this is what usually happens? And is lost to me now? It is not important and was not used for anything commercial at all. Thank you.

I see from that it says for free domains "Registration and renewal - 1 to 12 months

  • Free to renew
  • (unlimited renewals)"

I think you can get the domain back if you pay. This happened to me as well as I missed to renew the domain.

:grinning: I did wonder.

Thank you.

How do you do that? Do you search in Freenom or do you use a whois service elsewhere?

When I obtained a free domain name from Freenom they said I must renew it periodically. I think they said every three months. Do you remember what they said when you reserved Do you still have the email they sent you? I do not remember if they send an email but services like that typically do.

When I search in freenom
When I search on whois I get an error

Oops, an error occured…

We apologize and have logged the error. Please try again your request in a few minutes.

I tried back later and got the same error.

When I try on freenom I get " Sorry, is not available."

I don’t recall getting an email from freenom and cannot find any when I search my email.

I said a whois, not the whois. There is not just one whois service. What whois did you use?

When I use Whois Lookup | Find Out Who Owns a Domain - Namecheap I get Unsupported TLD because the ml TLD is for Mali. When I search using .ML domain WHOIS Search | EuroDNS I get:

status: taken

Therefore I assume that another freenom user has taken for the moment, but they have not properly configured the DNS for it.

I used

Thank you.

When I search in for I do not get an error but I also do not get results for I assume they do not support the ml TLD.

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