completes its IPO

An amazing story and it seems to ratify Matt Barrie’s decision not to sell out to $400m trade sale.

I noticed a lot of forum members on Freelancer (either as a buyer or as a supplier). Any thoughts? Does Freelancer’s change in status becoming a public company change the way you view/use them?

Follow-up email from

Freelancer Limited shares will begin trading at 12pm AEDST today on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker FLN.

The General Offer, which closed early due to being oversubscribed, was an offer of 30 million shares at $0.50 per share. A further 5.1 million shares were offered and fully subscribed at $0.50 per share to eligible employees under the Company’s Employee Share Plan.

Freelancer Limited has established the Freelancer Foundation Shareholder Program which will provide certain benefits to registered users who are also shareholders in Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN).

More on the Freelancer Foundation Shareholder Program. Sounds a bit like the old Coles Myer card.

The Freelancer Foundation Shareholder Program offers certain benefits to registered users who are also shareholders in Freelancer Limited (ASX: FLN). The terms of these benefits and your eligibility to receive them are set out below:

Freelancer Foundation Shareholder Program Benefits
Priority Customer Support: you get priority customer support from our 24x7x365 multilingual support team
Freelancer Foundation Shareholder badge: a unique badge will appear on your profile, signifying you are a shareholder of the company
Project Fees Rebate: a rebate of 5% of project and contest commissions will be credited to your account, calculated monthly, for each full calendar month that you remain eligible in the program!
Freelancer Foundation Shareholder Program Eligibility
To be eligible for the Freelancer Foundation Shareholder Program, you must meet the following:

Be a validly registered user of the website (Freelancer User). Suspended accounts will not be eligible. Freelancer Users who breach the Terms of Use of the website (as set out in the User Agreement) may have their Program membership suspended or cancelled, at the discretion of
Have a minimum shareholding of 1000 ordinary fully paid shares in Freelancer Limited (ASX: FLN) (Minimum Shareholding)
This Minimum Shareholding must be held for an entire calendar month. Fee rebates will not be paid for any month where the shareholding falls below the Minimum Shareholding at any time. Rebates are paid on project and contest commissions (not upgrades), and only for fees that are paid. Unpaid fees will not receive rebates.
The user’s account receiving the benefits must have their full name, address and telephone number filled in on the account accurately, and the shareholding must also be:
in the name of a natural person who is also the registered Freelancer Limited shareholder; or
nominated by a Freelancer Limited shareholder who is a company, trust or incorporated body.