Freelance work on your resume?

When you put your freelance work on your resume do you put them under one header of “freelance work” or do you just list them like you would normal employers? I figured since it goes back so far I might save space on the resume by putting them under freelance projects.

I put them between the rest of my work history.

Work history also shows that you have any gaps in your work history.
I have 3 types of work I list

  • company
    for normal jobs (company = where I worked)
  • company
    if I worked full time for a longer periode as a freelancer for one company (company = company that hired me full time)
  • company
    freelance, selfemployed
    if I did my own clients or multiple freelance projects. (company = my own company)

In my Resume a lot of these items are overlapping, but it still gives a clear view.
For each item I also highlight some of the most important projects and what my input was.

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It depends on what “freelance work” means in your case.

If this is work you have done on the side while holding down a job in the industry, I would be careful with putting them on the resume. The reason is simply, as this can be seen as a conflict of interests between your employer and the freelance job. I.e. they will wonder if you will do the same when working for them, and if that will affect your daily job performance. Not to mention many contracts today have a clause to prohibit this.

However if it is work you have done as a freelancer while not having a job in the industry or while doing it full time, you should add it to show experience. Though you should consider adding it as consultant, and not freelancer.

Hello! I did freelance work in past and when I put this detail in my resume, I normally write a separate column where I could enumerate all the freelance gigs I did and went on writing the name of the person/company I’ve worked with, nature of work, and the duration of the work… I think it would be much helpful that way…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

I wrote in a summary of what had worked freelance. So I made a portfolio of my work.

I always try to keep things in chronological order, just so it’s easy for employers to see what you were doing when


I use headers to separate between freelance work and actual work for a company. One section says ‘Company Employment’ and the other section says ‘Freelance Employment.’ It just makes things clearer and easier to understand, rather than having someone have to go back and forth distinguishing between what is freelance and what is not.

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It would be impossible for you to list all FL projects that you’ve done in chronological order if you’ve been doing FL work for a long time. I just mention when I started doing it and my most notable clients/projects.

Hi, you should definitely mention at least projects that are relevant to the job opening.

If you did freelance work while working full time in a “day job” then I would put it in a separate section. If you worked as a freelancer full time for a while I would add it to the timeline of your jobs.

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I did some freelance work past, and I definitely mention my freelance work into my resume.

i had also done done freelance work and i had mention that in my resume.

Yes I did freelance work in past But I never put freelancing work detail in my resume …

Always mention your work in your resume wheather you done it in free lance or in a company.