Freelance websites that allow underage

Hello, I’m searching for popular freelance website that would allow me to work while being 14 using my mum’s payoneer. In Upwork for example, underage violates ToS and causes ban. Which would you suggest? I feel acknowledged enough to start now and save some money for my future.

None…and you should not…

None…and you should not…

Why so?

Because you should dedicate all your time to study, experiment and have fun. In many countries, you can start earning when you’re 16 and that’s for a reason

Because you should dedicate all your time to study, experiment and have fun.

But there’s no problem here, programming is fun for me too. Yet I’d like to store money so I can relocate.

Trust me. When you do something for fun it is… fun. But when you’re force to it, and you have a deadline, keeping the fun side of it is hard. Not impossible to keep but really hard.

What do you mean with relocate?

what do you mean with relocate

to switch country (belarus → eu), I’m disgusted by belarusian people’s mentality.

But when you’re force to it, and you have a deadline, keeping the fun side of it is hard. Not impossible to keep but really hard.

wrong here! I had experience with working with someone.

Many here have been working for longer than you have been alive, that’s experience.
Keep practising your coding, it won’t be long until you can start working.

Love your enthusiasm. Yet, you can’t work if you’re underage unless you live in India or somewhere like that. In Europe, that’s illegal so you won’t be able to do it. And when you become 16, you’ll still need your parents permission.

I’m not quite familiar with Belorussian mentality but if you really want to study abroad, you’ll be able to do so when you’re 18. If you’re a good student, you can get a scholarship.

Other possibility is to use or a similar job recruiting website to find a job in another country. Once you manage the language of your country of choice, you can study there.

In the meantime, I would use this time to do my own website and show what I could do

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I’ve been thinking a lot and I’ve decided that I don’t plan to study after school.
Because when I get 17-18 I’ll have:

  • 5-6 years of node.js, html+css experience
  • 4 years of ruby, lua and python experience
    as well I know basic haskell, go and racket and use PowerShell and zsh everyday.
    And right now I am studying masm, visual C++ and f#.

And don’t think I overrate myself. Don’t.

That’s up to you. But I wouldn’t underestimate the power of going to University. While in terms of web technologies they’re waaaay behind the standards in many cases (not all Universities, though), you’ll learn concepts that will challenge you and that will help you learn other stuff in the future.

Also the environment, the friends you’ll do there, etc. That’s something that you’ll only experience once in your life. If later you want go back to college, while you’re working, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the experience. You’ll be to tired and with too many responsibilities to have the time.

So I’d reconsider.

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No, I’m antisocial and had enough of friends. Not my passion.
Though it could be because of people around me, not all are same.
I think that discussion has got away from topic.

It often does when I’m around. Sorry.

I still think that you’re not doing yourself a favor if you decide not going to University. Things are way different there and the environment is a completely different vibe. Even someone antisocial, as you call yourself, can make good friends there (there are never enough true friends)

Plus, like my mother used to say, an engineer can work as anything if he needs to: cleaning the streets, serving at McDonal’s… the opposite is not true. And, having a degree also provides certain privileges in terms of salary

I think you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to find a site willing to allow you to do this. When you agree to take on a coding or design task for a customer, you are entering into a contract with that person; at 14, you are not old enough to enter legally into such a contract. I don’t use Payoneer, so I don’t know if their ToS would permit the use of your mother’s account in this way, but I think you would find most sites would expect you to use an account in your own name - and Payoneer has a minimum age requirement of 18.

you can offer your services on different forums and not just on freelancer sites, no one will care how old are you there as long as you get the job done.

I think the keyword is “there”.

Once the Tax officials get involved I think they’ll care very much.

And that’s not considering how the Fair Labor Practices people will feel about it.

there is always a way around these things as i have learned…

I don’t know about those age restrictions. Plenty of people all over the world work underage, including Europe, the US, Australia and the like. Heck, there are so many underage actors, musicians, athletes, and so on. They work and earn legally. 14 is not too young to pursue a passion. I am not talking about child labor or children who are forced to support their families or themselves.

Whatever you do until you’re at least 16, it will need to be run by your parents, though.

You could create a development site that is your own and post your scripts, experiments, ideas frequently. Post your experiments to sites like codepen and the like. Make use of social networks pertaining to code. What does a teenager who is great at art do? He posts his drawings on instagram, snapchat, twitter, and all those platforms. Heck, create a YouTube channel where you demonstrate how to program in the various languages you know. Make video tutorials, show the world your abilities. If you make money off of those, have your parents manage the business part until you’re ready to do so yourself. There’s plenty of opportunity and since you really want to work, I don’t see an ethical problem with it.

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This is natural because if you do anything against the rule might be banned immediately.

Right! Anybody will not ask how much old is he.