Freelance payment help

Hey all,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but…

So I sent a payment request to a customer for some freelance work I did, roughly a week ago. I wasn’t sure if he received it, so I sent a reminder. Seeing as he responded earlier this week, I know he say it and said that payment would be made by today. I still have yet to see it, so I was wondering what the protocol was. Like, should I send another reminder, a invoice via Paypal, ???

I’m pretty new to this, so thanks for the help in adv.

Well I know from my experience I work with people in all sorts of time zones and sometimes your day and his day are two separate days. I would prob give him/her another day and send the invoice. I never like too pushy but then again I can understand you want/need to be paid for work done. It’s a fine line. Good Luck

I wouldn’t send another invoice by a different method (it sounds like the Paypal you’re suggesting is different to the original invoice), but if it hasn’t showed up two or three days after they said it was paid then I’d give them a call.

Hope this helps.


Not sure what you mean by a “payment request”. What you should have sent him is an invoice. In general, a business will not make a payment unless there is an invoice to back it up.

Also, the invoice should state the terms of payment, that is, how many days or weeks you will allow for the payment to reach you.

On that point, one week is too soon to chase payment, unless that period was specifically agreed by the client at the outset. Most companies process payments on a monthly cycle, which means it could take anywhere from 30 to 60 days for the money to be sent to you. You’ve then got to allow for the time it takes the bank to process it, or the postal service to deliver it.

Finally, sending a second invoice is not the way to chase payment if the first one wasn’t paid. Better to send a friendly reminder. If that doesn’t work, send a more insistent reminder (but always a polite one). Sending a second invoice will just confuse their payment system, and therefore risk a further delay (not to mention making you look unprofessional).