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Any free web tools that can be useful to content writings? The type of tool is in general, I mean, the most used in any aspect of content writing. The most common tools, I have checked google about this, but still I wanted a professional and experienced advise. This is also for surveying and finding the right tool.

What kind of tools are you looking for?

Most editors have a built-in spell-checker, and I can’t think what other tools you would need.

What type of content are you asking about?
For small snippets of text, I usually type directly into my code editor. But if I’m writing a whole article I will write it in a word processor, as that will have all the tools I need for serious writing.
Once the article is complete, I will copy and paste into my code editor, formatting it into html tags, an element at a time.
That part can be a little tedious on longer articles and it would help if there were a tool to automate the process. But MS Word’s rendering of html is horrible, not code I would put my name to, so I manually format the article into well structured semantic mark up.
Though I would be interested if there was a tool that could do this for me properly.


Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer to measure how emotional your headlines are; CoSchedule for better headlines; Cliche Finder to get rid of the phrases that lost their impact.

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It seems that Markdown is the way to write these days. If I’m writing anything for the web it’s typically in MD, I’m even writing more and more general stuff in MD rather than turning to Word.

Rather then try to find web tools, I would buy a few of the many good content writing or copywriting and sales books out there.

Good copywriting doesn’t come from automated grammar checkers and analysis tools. It comes from the personality and skill of a good writer!
But if you insist, you can find tools that will tell you if you’re using uncommon words, or how high your reading level is for the audience, if your sentence structures are complicated, long, confusing, gender biased, whatever.

Anyway good luck!

A thesaurus is always handy to have to help look up those perfect words.


I’ve checked this one and try to understand using it, but I’m lost at the words describing how to use it. But I have gained the idea on what tools to add on my content writing. Thank you!

I often use the pull tool visit from which my number of visitors and keywords more even

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