Does anyone know of a Free SSL Host out there?
Everyone now provides some kind of free web hosting with scripting and all, but does anyone do it on https?

@~ServerPoint~, ta, will take a look.

Welcome That is the biggest forum about free hosting so that should be useful.

P.S (OFF TOPIC) Did you know your homepage’s slider images below banner sits above the dropdowns… meh

I believe you need to visit forums to find out more information about the hosts

@QualityHost, I wasn’t trying to start a fight, I just answered a question and expected some options that everyone thought were good or bad for whatever reason. A discussion really, not a biased view on their own service.
@~ServerPoint~, ta, will take a look.

@~ServerPoint~, ta, will take a look.

Welcome. Actually they are one of the biggest source about free web hosting

I suppose you have forgotten to quote someone you are replying to :wink: