Free script to compress CSS/Javascript

I’d like to add one of these free scripts to my website, where users can compress CSS and/or Javascript. Do you know where I can find it around the web?
Example: Basically I want to add something like this in my website.
Let me know and thanks in advance!

First result for “php css minimizer” in Google:

Thank you, megazoid. Yeah, but regarding to my knowledge I really don’t know where to start in order to use that script. How do I use it in my custom .php page? I can’t understand this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Baically I need a webpage like this:
Now I know how to call the script files (I have sent some emails to the developer) but I don’t know how to create a page like that. Some help please?

The source code for that page is open source on github. Just look at how they did it. There is also Assetic which is a php lbrary that can be used to minify and compress assets. Though Assetic is probably slightly out of date way to do this.

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