Free Program for HTML source?

I’ve been searching Google like mad and can’t find what I’m looking for.

You know when you view source code in Internet Explorer? It pops up a new window with line numbers and syntax highlighted code.

Now imagine this with a URL bar at the top of the window so you can quickly copy & paste URLs and see the source code. Does anyone know if there’s a program out there like this?

I need this because I need to check several webpages for obfuscated Javascript without opening the webpages in a typical browser.

Thanks for your help!

PS I know Chrome will do this with the view-source argument in the URL, but I’m looking for something easier. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need any special tool for this. All ‘modern’ browsers offer this type of interrogation as part of their functionality.

The developer tools included in Chrome (available for Windows) can do all this; plus a whole lot more. I use it constantly while developing a site, to double-check the back-end code and debug Javascript.
Also, although I have less experience with it, Safari and Firefox offer similar capabilities.

I don’t want to debug any Javascript. I just want to see the source code without the browser rendering the page.
Chrome will only do that if I put view-source in the URL box before the URL. Is there something in the developer tools for this? I haven’t seen it yet if there is.

Found exactly what I needed… finally!