Free image sharing options

“What social media site or any site could best be used as a free image storage server without loss of image quality”
as i found top social media compressed & loose quality


Why would you want to use a social media site for image storage? It makes no sense. Store your images on your web server.

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need web server which dont degrade quality of image uploaded

Any limit for social media site for image storage?

When you ask about a “storage server”, are you intending to link to these images from a website?

If you simply want to store and/or share images online, then Flickr is a good option. However, you can’t use it to host images for a website.

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Web servers don’t degrade the quality of images in any case. Uploading them to social media site might well degrade them.

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Web servers which?is dere addon cpanel to stop degrading the quality of image

… how big are your images, and what makes you think your host is ‘degrading’ your image quality?

Use a storage software like Onedrrive, Sharepoint to store your files without any quality loss.


Im not saying about my webserver bcoz its private…so do we have free server which dont degrade quality

We are asking about your server because nobody else has experienced a server degrading image quality when storing images. If you are uploading small images and then trying to display them at a larger size, that will degrade the quality no matter where you host them.

We cannot help with the issue if you don’t provide full information. You did not answer my earlier question, either. Are you looking for a site where you can host images to display on your site, or merely looking for a site where you can store / share images for your own use?


IM looking for a site where I can host images to give client,+ looking for a site where i can store / share images for my own use

So did you look at Flickr, which I suggested earlier?

ya, need max storage with no compromise on quality …is dere way to use free host cpanel without login authentication

Why not simply use a service which is created for the purpose you have in mind? Why try to cobble together your own solution?

You could install some kind of gallery software on a cPanel account. There should be various options available - although a free account may limit what you can install.

I’m going to move this thread to #community, as it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with social media.

Any user can upload any file size like cPanel or any website without login account to share uploaded image quickly

Are you saying you want any visitor to your site to be able to upload images?

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want online tools were cllient can upload or download unlimited files or limited space without login & without compromising quality etc

dont want wetransfer,gdrive bcoz they dont host files for max year

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I’m not sure you’ll find anything which allows people to upload files without log-in. That’s far too insecure.

Why do you need files hosted for twelve years? Just curious; it seems a strange requirement for file-sharing between you and a client. Surely once you’ve exchanged files, if you need a copy to keep, you download it? But once again, image-sharing sites like Flickr allow you to keep files indefinitely. You would, of course, need to log in to upload images.

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Why do you need files hosted for twelve years?
its maximum years

It is not apparent from this conversation what the purpose is. Client sharing can easily be done with something like Google Drive. I also don’t understand the need to store for 12 years.
Servers don’t degrade images upon upload, that would be a software process.
If you need full control, you will likely need to pay.