Free hosting with access to cron jobs?


I need a reliable, free host where I can run wget on a URL (less than 1k) every 10 minutes via a cron job.

Can anyone reccommend anything?

Best regards.

It’s been a while since I used free hosts, and the company’s I used are all dead.

Try searching on

Make sure the host has CPanel Control Panel, CPanel comes with a Cron Job utility built in :slight_smile:

Try to ask over at

Free host is waste and killing. Why dont u buy a server and host all sites on it?. Only little amount

I think that you need to get in touch with several free web hosting providers and ask them if they will allow that. Never heard of such opportunity on shared web hosting

Generally the free web hosting providers that offer cron job support also offer Cpanel control panel (free Cpanel hosting), from which you can access a cron manager (a simple web interface to the crontab program). you can try search “HelioHost” on google.

This link might help you

I tried a lot of free hostings online however so far feeling not so contented with what most of them offer. Some of those offers banner ad free hosting but tries to interfere to you site with configuration errors (mostly database problem and bandwidth) yet showing there own homepage and so my visitors was converted to their’s.

I have a similar need for wget using a cron job

Did you ever find a free host that would allow this?

thanks for the info guys,I will check some of them out

Just because a host offers cPanel doesn’t necessarily mean they offer cron jobs. Especially in free hosting. Cron jobs can be disabled by logging into WHM, whether a reseller or the whole server is yours. All you have to do is go to features and click the check box next to cron jobs and remove the check. Not all paid hosts offer it either.

I suggest -www_zymic_com-

hi emanresu, have you ever considered using a vps host? you can find cheap vps host around $4-10/mo, which works like a dedicated server and allow you to do cron job and at a much cheaper affordable price.

I suggest you try with 000webhost, they provide cron job function in their free plan.

try , or