Free hosting and free domain name for


It is possible to register free domain name (not a subdomain) ending .com or .ca or .org and free hosting for ?

Friend of mine starting some small business and domain name is one of the main question because it would appear on business cards and they don’t feel like spending money at this time since they are just starting out.

Any adivce is appreciated

Thank you

I don’t think it is possible to register a free domain with a .com or .ca extension. “” has many TLD’s available to register and some are free.

There are numerous web hosting companies advertising free web hosting that allow installations. I have tried quite a few and do not recommend any because of the restrictions.


thanks for quick response @John_Betong

can you put some links to those free hosting companies you tried before? or just give me the names so I can google them

Try searching for “review free web hosting”

Here is one of many search results:


Free hosting is possible though it may have some drawbacks. But free domain name is only possible for non top level domains. You can advise your friend to buy from the cheapest domain registrar. They will hardly cost much just around $10 for the whole year.

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I really, really doubt that you will find domain names for free. Your friend should expect to pay annually for a domain name. Google Domains is an economical choice; if privacy is important then an advantage of Google Domains is that privacy does not cost extra. An advantage of paying a bit more from another registrar is that it is advantageous to have message forwarding with privacy. For a business however privacy might not be necessary.

If for the beginning you can use a static HTML website without WordPress then you can have a website for free or nearly for free. See Hosting a static website | Cloud Storage | Google Cloud. The website exists in Google Drive; see the Cloud Storage pricing for pricing details.

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