Free Google Keyword Tool Working Properly?

Hi Friends,

One week back I have used google Keyword toll to find out my Keywords global search volume, at that time I got “XXXX” figure… When I searched today same keyword the Search volume was changed :frowning:

My Question is " Can we trust the Google Keyword tool for find Keyword Search volume??? "

Like the last comment points out, give it till the end of the month and run the same search again. We’re just days into the month so the total search will obviously be different to what it was a few weeks ago.

Good luck

One week ago was in a different month, and the stats change from month to month.

Yes, the Free Google keyword tool is working properly. The only problem I faced is that the competition result. I found some of the keywords for my BoxGroove Golf site are hardly in Global search result but their competition rate is 100%. That really surprised me.