Free FTP for iMac M1

Hi guys. All the usual FTP clients now charge a fee. Are there any 3rd party FTP clients that are completly free? All I want to do is transfer files.

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Have you checked out FileZilla or Cyberduck?

Yeah, sadly they both now charge after 7 days of use. And they’re not cheap either. I found FTPRush on the app store which - so far - seems free and is actually great.

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Where are you seeing that FileZilla charges a fee? They bill themselves as “The Free FTP Solution”.

Could you say how much the fee is? If you are getting value from a product, it is only fair that you pay for it. People being quite happy to spend $10 on coffee, but balking at spending the same on an app, is a contributing factor to surveillance capitalism.

Also, FTP is a standard protocol. You can do it from the command line if you want (I’m not really suggesting you do this).

FileZilla is open source under GPL, so no charge at all….

FileZilla is free. FileZilla Pro is not. Depends on your need; if you have extensive need to interface with cloud solutions… shrug

you can go for putty (SSH client) for secure file transfer

That would only be if the server supports SFTP.

Sadly both Filezilla and Cyberduck charge after 7 days of use. Soi yeah - it’s free. For 7 days. One FTP client uploaded and downloaded okay but refused to show me the entire file list. I thought i was going mad until I found it wasn’t free after 7 days, but rather than charge, they crippled the software!? Bit passive aggressive.

I found FTPRush on the iOS app store which is 100% free and is actually great.

I agree with paying devs $ (I’m one) but I’m really tight so was looking for a quick fix. Also, clever devs release free versions with full basic functionality to increase brand loyalty. FTP Rush is turning out to be great and completely free (with no nagging). If they decided to charge for a “pro” version, I’d consider it because they are being honest when they say “free”.

You did not answer the question asking where you see that. I see that FileZilla Pro is (about) $25 for 3 years but FileZilla is free. Is this a sneaky way to promote FTPRush?

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What @SamuelCalifornia just said.

@Objectman, Please explain yourself or be banned for spamming.


Just a comment…

It looks on quick glance that if he only searched in the app store, then he’d only find FileZilla Pro. Can’t verify it since I don’t have any current ios devices.

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Whaaaaa-? I have no affiliation with a 100% FREE program. Maybe I could ask them for 10%. :expressionless:

Meh, stranger things have happened :slight_smile:

But alright, since you found a solution that works for you, I’ll consider this case closed.

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