Free design class on coursera. Starting on 22nd of Oct


Not sure if this is an appropriate place but i wanted to share.

This is a course aimed at making you a better designer. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design performance. Lectures and readings will lay out the fundamental concepts that underpin design as a human activity. Weekly design challenges test your ability to apply those ideas to solve real problems. The course is deliberately broad - spanning all domains of design, including architecture, graphics, services, apparel, engineered goods, and products. The emphasis of the course is the basic design process: define, explore, select, and refine. You, the student, bring to the course your particular interests and expertise related to, for instance, engineering, furniture, fashion, architecture, or products.

I didn’t listen to this exact course but i listened to different ones there and experience so far was really positive. Lots of interesting stuff, usually fun as well. So i thought maybe some of you guys will be interested as well. Its starting on 22nd of October.

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