Free classified and off-page optimization?

Do free online classified sites play any role in off-page optimization? If so then how?

If you can get a dofollow link on an indexed page from them then sure they’ll have some impact.

Judging from your recent questions I think you might be stuck in an SEO time warp. The techniques you’re asking about (bookmarking, directories, other easy links like classified sites) really don’t work that well any more.

You are correct. I am learning SEO and have found the changing trend of off-page optimization. I have been studying different books and there data are confusing as I have no guide and have no chance to experiment with so I have taken resort of you - experienced SEO guys here who are very much aware of recent trends and techniques, to learn more and verify.

I know you guys are getting irated, bored of answering such questions but to noob like me and others new to SEO are getting benefited much from you( I hope so).

There are no real “new” trends and techniques…

SEO is merely the process of following the basic best-practice website building rules:

  1. Understand your audience (what and why are they searching)
  2. Write good, engaging, relevant content
  3. Put that content into simple and easy to navigate site architecture
  4. Ensure that you take some care with your coding (navigation, links)
  5. Promote your site in a way you feel your audience would respond best
  6. Expect that it will take some time (anywhere from 3-12 months) to see real gains

Note that I didn’t use any “Don’ts” in that list - there just as many recommendations on what NOT to do as what you should do - stick to the basics and let the muppets/parrots spout on about forum postings, do-follow blogs, article directories etc…

the link will not be worth much at all unless it is permanent. when opting to get low value links you at least want to try to get ones that will remain on an indexed page that is consistently cached for a long time.

link age is very important.

Can you please give me some examples / references that show how important “link age” is?

well, i guess my statement is largely theoretical. i have optimized sites before that did not show improvement for a long time.

with these sites i would typically put effort into setting them up, and then do a good amount of backlinking through directories, dofollow blogs, other sources. None of these links were of high value from a PR perspective but i tried to focus on getting links that i knew would be indexed and consistently cached for a while.

Anyways, as im saying, most of the link building efforts were done in the matter of a week. The site in mention, was a quality static information site that would not need to be updated for a while.

Overtime the sites position and organic seo became pretty decent.

The thing about low authority links, is that google does not cache the page the link is on very often. when it does cache it and sees you’re link, it does not give it much credit initially. After google crawls the page and cache’s it several times and your link is still present, looking like a solid vote for your site, search engines begin to give your site some credit.

this is how i see it at this point in time. links need to stand for a while to be of any value when they are on pages that get cached say once per week or less, which is a vast majority of pages on the web.