FREE BASIC Function help

’ I am working on this tip calculator program. I am trying to have the program give a message that depends on the amount of tip. 10%= ok, 15%=good, 20%=best

declare sub display_welcome
declare function main() as integer
declare function input_Meal()as single
declare function calc_Tip(as single)as single
declare function calc_Tax(as single)as single
declare function calc_Total(as single,as single,as single) as single
declare function print_info(as single,as single,as single)as single

Function Main() as integer
dim vcalctip as single
dim calctax as single
dim calctotal as single
dim mealprice as single

dim Variablewelcome as string


Print variablewelcome

print " this returned welcome"
mealprice = Input_meal

print " now we are going to CALL the Function Calc_Tip passing mealp"
vcalctip = Calc_tip(mealprice)
print " Calc Tip used the mealP and returned a tip"
calctax = Calc_tax(mealprice)

calctotal = Print_info(mealprice, vcalctip, calctax)
print ;

PRINT USING “$$##.##”;

return 0
end function

'this is the FUNCTION that is called from the main function
sub display_welcome()
Dim welcome as string
welcome = "Welcome to the meal calculator program. "
end sub

function Input_meal () as single
dim mealPrice as single
Input “Please enter meal price $”, mealPrice
Print “here we called the Input_meal function”
return mealPrice
end function

function Calc_tip ( mealprice as single) as single
dim Thetotaltip as single

print " CalcTip used mealp as input, and is returning the tip "
thetotaltip = mealprice * .20
print " Calc_tip function calculated the tip and returned it to main"
return thetotaltip
end function

function Calc_tax (mealprice as single) as single
dim calctax as single
calctax = mealprice * .06
return calctax
end function

function Calc_total (mealprice as single, calctip as single, calctax as single) as single
dim calctotal as single
calctotal = mealprice + calctip + calctax
Print “Receives the three values and returns 1”
return calctotal
end function

'why can I use mealprice here - when it was always mealp in the other functions?
function Print_info (mealp as single, calct as single, ctax as single) as single
print "The meal price is ";
Print using “$$##.##”; mealp 'floating dollar sign
print "The tip is ",
Print using “$$##.##”; calct 'fixed dollar sign

print "The tax is ",
PRINT USING “$$##.##”; ctax
print "The total is ",
PRINT USING “$$##.##”; mealp + calct + ctax

return 0
end function



I am not familiar with Free Basic although it looks very similar to Visual Basic (which is natural considering that both are BASIC based)

Still, I don’t see a question here… what is that you wanted to ask? :slight_smile: