Free article spinning softwares

Does anyone know any good free article spinning softwares? Thanks in advance.

that’s a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? there’s no such thing as “good” spinning software

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There is no good spinning software than spinning your ideas on mind and write original content…

No, there is not…

Hi r937. Why do you say that its a contradiction? Is there something wrong in looking for a good article spinning s/w?

yes, there is – article spinners produce garbage


r937…Just because you hate it doesn’t mean others are not using them. Probably a Google search is a better option. Thank you for your interest in answering my question though.

Try using TheBestSpinner. I have been using them for quite sometime. Nope, they are not free, but they are probably the top of the competition at the moment.

i’ve used them all and found them worse than useless (they’re a major waste of time). you’re going to finally realize that a bunch of your favorite articles and a thesaurus will get you what you want, more or less.

I’ve used a bunch of these in the past to test out, the value they deliver is next to nothing. Unless the site is starting from a base of 0 authority.

However advanced you think your spinning or re-writing is, Google and Bing are smarter at identifying and associating that content back to you.

I agree because i already used free and was scrapped.

Article spinners are spam promoters…

There are many free article spinning software.You can use spinnerchief a free article spinning software and really flexible to use.

article spinning only leads to spam nothing else.

I got to agree with this one 100%. Spinning articles using software is not really a good idea. It is so much better to spin your own ideas. Human mind is far better than robots, and humans will notice that your article is actually just a spam if it’s auto spinned. lol

You can try quickcontentwizard its free , after that u have some work on it

I have been using spinprofit from a long time and it works well for me… You can give a try and if required, i’ll tell you, how to use it in a proper way…

I have used Magic article spinner software. You can find this software on FTS(free traffic system) as well. This software is very useful and provides you the ease of spinning your content and creating 40-50 versions.

article spinners produce garbage


But free article spinning software , it is not good for seo.Always try to write the unique article of your language.

Thanks for your suggestion. I was away for sometime and did not check my messages in the forum.