Free and reliable Currency Exchange web service?

Has anyone found one yet? I need to convert AUD to USD and simply need the current exchange rate.

The last source I was using died yesterday for a few hours for no apparent reason. If anyone has a free source they have used for a while, please share :slight_smile:

I have not found a reliable free SOAP service for exchange rates. However, there are daily rates in xml and html


HTML, need to parse it manually.

and for a large list of currencies

If you want real-time rates, may be a paid service?


Yeah I just need a daily estimate, not real time - thanks for those :smiley: covers just about everything you need I believe.

Now I’m trying to implement the XML of using SAX. Should be simple but one of my globals isn’t working for some reason… :frowning:

(I posted about it in the XML section :slight_smile: )

If anyone has done it before with XML give me a yell.