Fraud Click found by infolinks

I have signed up with infolinks almost one week. They granted me certain amount income upon the outsider clicks. However, they sent me a letter saying that my website has engaged with some fraudulent activities. I never click on my website and the clicks on the ads are made by my friends around. Is this considered fraud clicks?

Sounds like your friends were clicking on the links way too much. Once or twice you’d get away with but regular clicks on an ongoing basis is fraud since they obviously have no intention of buying any of the advertised products and are just doing it to steal income for you.

I think its a click fraud only…clicking on same ad continuously without any intention or just to add more click to your account is a fraud…specially by you or your friends…

Infolink is a fraud company… one of my frnd got cheated by them… pls, dnt
join any1 :mad:

If your friends are clicking on the ads to help you make money, you are sending non-qualified traffic for personal financial gain - AKA click-fraud. Advertising networks want real bonified traffic as to promote repeat business - sale of more advertising.

Your friends are helping you by doing what they are doing.

No in this instance InfoLinks was the victim of someone trying to steal money from them by clicking on ads multiple times with no intention of buying anything.

No they are trying to steal money from InfoLinks and add it to your account. Such theft is not allowed and can get you banned. Having your friends “help” you like that is the quickest way for you to have problems with an ad service like InfoLinks where you end up having all the money you earnt from the clicks removed. You may then go around claiming that they are a fraudulent ad site where in fact it was your friends who were the ones committing the fraud.

What I meant to say was:

Your friends are NOT helping you by doing what they are doing.

Funny how one missing word can totally change what was intended to be said.


Definitely. Even more so when the missing word is NOT.

Reminds me of an edition of the bible that got the name “The Wicked Bible” because of a similar missing word that left one of the ten commandments reading “Thou shall commit adultery”.