Frameworks that allow views within views

Hi All,

I’ve looking into starting to use a framework. I’ve looked into moving to Ruby on Rails, but I feel learning a new language would take me a step backwards.

What I’m looking for is a framework that allows views within views. Here’s an example.

A site that has a header, footer, content area (left) and right column. Within the right column there are modules, i.e. latest news, login, up coming events etc. I need a framework that would allow me to specify certain modules for different pages.

So, on a standard text page I might want the latest news and login modules to appear in the right column, i.e. /news/latestnews/ and /users/smalllogin/ essentially loading a view within a view.

Usually I’d just use include files, so in a folder I’d have the HTML for these modules in a file in an includes folder, then a corresponding PHP file to do the hard work in a php folder.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Symfony framework

Views are decorated with layouts. Views can include component slots and partials. Components have both controllers for logic and views that render them.

Take your pick from Kohana, Symfony and Yii.

If your making an enterprise application I would reccomend Symfony, otherwise if its a quick put together I would use Kohana. Kohana is very nice and you can customize how you want to put views into other views.