Framework functions

I want to develop a small dynamic web app, potentially scaleable, browser agnostic.

All roads seem to lead to a Js framework, so whether to use node.js/express/monkdb or angular, ember.js and their various backends and library stacks. Which makes sense, besides scaling, and weight really?

One thing I know is my idea it would involve images, and a lot of url requests and routing.

Thanks to anyone who can help. :slight_smile:

Hey Tyren,

Choosing a tech stack for an application depends on a lot of different considerations, such as:

  • What level of browser support do you need (how are your target audience going to be accessing the app)?
  • What libraries/frameworks are you already familiar with (if you’re going to build the app yourself), or
  • What skills are readily available in your area? Would you have difficulty finding developers for a particular stack?

Also, a lot will depend on the sort of app you want to build. If you’re going to need features like real-time chat, for example, then Node could be a good option for the back-end. If you need to run CPU intensive processes (e.g image/video processing), however, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Thanks, the last paragraph was the kind of info I was looking for.

I also found this Sitepoint article helpful:

Can you tell us a bit more about your requirements and what sort of thing you want to build? I (and other forum members, I’m sure) would be interested to chat about it with you and try to answer any questions you might have.

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