Frameset vs Div

I am trying to figure out a way to recreate a website that was using framesets.

The site has a top, middle, bottom frames

I want the same thing… but with divs… where top div is at the top of the browser and the bottom div is at the bottom of the browser, and the center div would fill in the rest with an overflow: auto.

Is there a way to do this where the center div is controlled with it’s scrollbar and not the browser scrollbar.

Welcome to Sitepoint, Paco.

Tho I’d advice against this kind of set up, you can do something similar by setting specific dimensions on the div and overflow:auto; or (overflow-x:auto; or overflow-y:auto; ) …

again by doing this you recreate the look of frames, but you do not avoid the accessibility issues that frame cause; this is what you truly should be reconsidering.