Fpdf unicode


I used FPDF to create pdf files but I have Unicode problem ,How to Make it uses utf-8 unicode?

You need to explain your situation better in order for someone to help you with this. Can you provide the file you are generating and/or the code that is generating it? Without details it is hard to say what may be going wrong or what is missing from achieving your expected behavior.

[FONT=Tahoma]i used fpdf file u can find it at http://www.fpdf.org/

the problem i want output file written in Arabic ,And (fpdf) does not support unicode[/FONT]


$sql="select employee.* from employee ";
				$stringData = $row['name'];
$stringData1 = $row['address'];
$pdf=new PDF();
$pdf->Output("files/".$str1 .".pdf",'F');