Foundation - Responsive Web Design Framework | Questions

So, I was reading the article on Design Festival about Foundation, a responsive web design framework for making mobile friendly sites. Here is the article:

Reading through the feature list, I wasn’t exactly impressed.

It seemed to just have a grid-based layout, a selection of pre-built buttons, a slider, and visibility options.

A grid-based layout is quite simple if you know what you are doing. You create several classes with different percentages and then pick things until you have 100%. Using the box-sizing: border-box trick, this is excruciatingly simple.

Buttons are buttons. If you know what you are doing, they are all easy to build.

A cross-device slider can be a bit tricky, but I actually built one last week in about two hours of playing around.

And the visibility options are just creating classes with different sets of display: none for various devices, likely based on a class assigned to the body element.

This thread isn’t to bash Foundation though. I’m sure for many less experienced developers, these are all great things.

This thread is to ask: am I missing something? Is there a reason that I, a reasonably experienced web developer, should use Foundation?


I don’t think your missing anything. I never really understood the advantages of using CSS framework. They all seem to promote bad mark-up for very little return. I’m all for putting aside the ideal when the advantages are significant but with CSS frameworks it just isn’t like that.

I agree.

I’ve tried using a couple in the past and I’ve never found any benefit and always abandoned them. If you know how to write CSS, they just become redundant and bulky, and require you to add a billion extra classes to every little HTML element.