FOSS Gallery supporting multiple users, video, and tags?

Bonus points if it’s available through Softaculous.

I want to create an only gallery that allows (authorized) contributors to upload high-res photos and videos. It needs to support nested albums and nested tags/labels (e.g., Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).

High-res files (.tiff for photos, and whatever is appropriate for pro-quality video) can be either uploaded directly (with .jpg thumbnails generated) or linked to an external source or compressed file.

Background: I want to create a shared library where amateur photographers, videographers, and film-makers can share resources. So, for example, travelers or drone enthusiasts can upload short videos that film-makers can use as “establishing shots”. It might be drone footage of Central Park, a view of Shanghai from a skyscraper, or a river running through a forest in Montana. The object is to have an easy-to-use CMS that’s friendly to both contributors and patrons.

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