Forwarding 301 or 302

Hi folks.

For weeks now, if not months, I’ve had an issue that my Domain Host refuses to accept what is happening.
After trying MANY different setups, I’m 100% sure the issue is with them.
I use them to forward to my own server (WAMP) where I keep my website.

When I use 302 forwarding my website name appears in the browser (Desirable), but my email and SMS links don’t work.
When I use 301 forwarding my IP address shows in the browser (Not desirable for obvious reasons) but now my email and SMS links work fine.

I use the normal code href="mailto: and href="sms:

To be sure it wasn’t anything to do with my coding, I removed my website from my server and made a single page website with nothing but an email link on it. I got the same issue.
I’ve tried so many things to prove where this issue falls that it would be like a book if I wrote everything here.

Now here’s the weird weird weird thing. It only happens on iPhones or iPads. Every other device works fine.

Does anyone have any idea, heard of this or have a solution?

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