Forums unusually slow today

It’s taking much much longer to post and load pages. IS anyone else experiencing this today?

Probably because it is a holiday, and we are all in here rather than visiting family :slight_smile: Maybe it is just a little busier today than usual. It doesn’t seem very slow from my end though.

I have a dial-up cnx so I’m used to things taking some time. But when I was here earlier today load-ins were
I would have replied to this then, but it was taking so long and I didn’t want to skip lunch to do it!
It happens from time to time. Maybe a DOS attack? Things seem to be back to normal for me now.

I am on a relatively fast connection but haven’t been able to load SitePoint at all today. It’s gotten better now though.

Weird, things are super fast for me. Well, the same as usual I guess.
Is it bad enough that you need me to get someone to look at it?

It was bad this morning (my time) but has since gone back to normal. :slight_smile:

It was very very bad this morning, and should have been looked into. Though it’s better now :slight_smile:

I think the majority of problems have gone now Easter is over and done with - though yes it was very bad… I couldn’t even connect to the forums for 3 hours.

My guess is someone lynched the servers while the people running the hardware were off eating chocolate :stuck_out_tongue: