Forums scripts work on PHP at least 5.3 - vBulletin

Hi. Why vBulletin 5 Connect does not support PHP version older than 5.3? Tx.

No idea. My guess is they are using 5.3 specific features in vBulletin 5 Connect, you really should ask them that question.

Seems that you have got wrong information somewhere.
System requirements on their page says, that you need PHP 5.3.0 or greater to install vBulletin 5.

“older than 5.3” and “PHP 5.3.0 or greater” does not mean a wrong information, but just a little information, as you said, ronalds…

Any version of PHP below 5.3 is no longer supported, not longer getting security updates. Do not use a version lower then 5.3.

My bad, misread the question.
Anyway, as they don’t have change log, there’s no telling for sure, but I guess they are using some of the new PHP features, available from version 5.3, like namespaces.