Forums background music help please!


This is the only thing i couldn’t do in the forums i create…

How can i put a back ground music in my forums, generally in any page of the forums, is it possible to do that?

For example i made a thread about some song, and i wrote the song, then i would like to put a back ground music for that song like a MP3, and the music plays as long as you are viewing the page…

Can i do that please?
Or even to put MIDI musics…


A lot of people just embed a link to a YouTube version of whatever song they’re trying to play. As far as I know, there’s no “auto-start” function for YouTube links, they have to be clicked, which is a good thing. You might consider that. It’s easy and requires no HTML or PHP knowledge.

And how do i know if i have access or not? when even i don’t know where to put the codes…

Well, this is the example of the forums i created:

Now, where in the forums to enter the codes?

It is called HTML - it is what web pages are written in. That’s the code you use to create a link.

To add it to your forum you would update the appropriate template file for the place on the page you want it to appear to add that code into the template.

<a href=“musicfilename”>Click to Play Music</a>

I see, if you just meant one thread not the forum itself; well just type a hyperlink like: to wherever the file resides - obviously you must own the copyright to the music file, etc.

That way people who want to hear the song can download it or open it in their favourite music player, etc. The URL link should auto format within phpBB anyway after you type it and hit the [post reply] button.

Regarding continual playing of the music that’s another matter and for that you would have to alter the *.tpl files, etc.

Normally people get seriously annoyed if your force music to play so like Stephen said it’s just best to use a standard link to the *.mp3.

Background music seems too not be so hot , mabey just throw a little music player on there give the user control ya know?

Take a look at this post please , It is an example i made.

A thread about a song:

For example in this thread, the song is written…
What i want for example is just like to make a background music for that song as long as you are reading the song in the thread…

Like a background MP3 for that song…
Or just as felgall said, “The best way is to simply add a link to the file that plays the music. Anyone who clicks the link will then play the music in the background in their preferred music playing software” He said.

I didn’t get him well.
how can i make a background music plays in the thread.

Please tell me!


That is not the source code what was meant is; are you allowed to FTP/upload the PHP files, i.e. is it your web server and did you install the forum yourself?

You have to manually edit the PHP files and upload them. They didn’t mean go into the standard forum Administrator Panel via login “username”.

For example: If you ‘right click’ your mouse over a web page; this page itself my post/reply here would be a good example (not on an image or link though) on the ‘context menu’ that appears it should have something like “view source” or “view page source” select that and you’ll see a sample of underlying source code of a page.

I have taken a screenshot of the forums while am making a thread, here take a look at it:

Is that what you mean? phpbb source code?

Well, is this what i have to choose and use to put codes? In the “code” item shown in the forums?

do you have access to the phpbb source code for that?

You’d have to do the update through the control panel that forumotion provide for that purpose then (assuming they allow that sort of customisation).

No am just going to create a Free forum, from this like:

OK, hang in there please…

Am going to try creating a forum and check this out and you tell me what should i do in the forums to make the sound code.

What forum are you using?

I don’t know where or how to put the codes in my forums yet.

Can you tell me please,If you don’t mind?

Is this some kind of i code?

And how,where can i put codes in the forums?

OK, Would you please tell me how can i make a link to a music?
A link to a file download, or do you mean when i click the link the music then plays as the background while you are viewing the page? Just like this one…???

The best way is to simply add a link to the file that plays the music. Anyone who clicks the link will then play the music in the background in their preferred music playing software while those that are already listening to their own choice of music or who are at work can simply not click the link.