Forum Structure Changes

We have made a couple of changes to the forums in an attempt to move closer to our goal of streamlining this place a bit.

The Introductions Forum has been removed as it was becoming more of a spam trap than anything else and was rarely used to any great end. Apologies to anyone that recently posted and was looking forward to responses.

The PHP Applications Design Forum has been incorporated into the PHP Forum as the advanced forum was becoming frequented less and there was a crossover of posts.

OK, but just keep the Classic ASP page away from the ASP.NET page and we’ll be good. :stuck_out_tongue: HAHA

Good work Sarah! I like it. Looking forward to more streamlining!

Off Topic:

My comeback thread!

Off Topic:

Aahhh, it seems that you posted just it time… to see it go! :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries there. I battled with both of them for enough years to know the difference!

Looks great, more…airy than before…easier for the eyes…

Great Initiatives… In Introductions Forum, there are some person try to make spam. So i appreciate your decision.

Hi everyone!!! Good job!!! I appreciate your hard work! ‘m new here, so I’m a little disappointing about Introductions Forum. I wanted to introduce myself there and to read about others there, too. But, nevertheless, it was made for safety. I’ against spam as well!

We have a introductions thread now, for those that want to introduce themselves.

Only just joined and use a number of other forums. Everything looks good here and hope to be here for a long time. Good stuff