Forum slow

Is it just me or this forum gets too slow sometimes that it does not load at all…

Other sites works fine at the same time.

It happens from time to time, but usually doesn’t last too long. We just have to live with it.

Means its due to the server?

Also, when this happens, i do not get email notifications when someone has posted a reply in a thread I have subscribed to

Yes, I believe it’s the server. The email issue is also an intermittent issue that everyone seems to experience from time to time—not always at the same time, either, weirdly. I switched from email notifications to checking MySitePoint a few years back, as I got sick of all the email, but that only works if you check in regularly.

oh thats sad…hope it gets fixed soon :frowning:

It’s natural to happen to websites. Not just this forum, but other sites as well. There are many reasons for this. ISP issues, your computer issues, connection issues, etc. Try to check which of these “sources” is the problem. Mine is loading properly well.

Perhaps you missed reading this line of mine in the first post that reads “Other sites works fine at the same time.”

So it means only this forum has this problem. Not always but sometimes and its frustrating sometimes :frowning:

Oh, okay. Sorry I missed that. I think this forum has some “specs” may not be compatible with your device. Mine, can’t access the “Quick Links” option if I don’t use the TAB button to click it.