Forum Plug-Ins?


I’m a helping a hockey sim league set up a new website. Right now it’s strictly forum based using JCink or something as a host. One of those sites where you can sign up for a forum blah blah.

They want to turn it into more of a real website that has a page for the forum. I was hoping to use Wordpress since I’m not going to be maintaining the site and these are all young kids that don’t have a lot of experience.

I am looking for a plug-in for a forum that gives them the ability to allow different users admin access to different parts of the forum, it has to function properly as the site has a ton of daily traffic. The most important thing is it has to be mobile friendly.

I’m not sure if there is a plug-in out there that will meet all of the requirements so if not is there another way to host a forum on the Wordpress site using the same domain?

Are you using WordPress at the moment? There certainly are add-ons for WordPress that provide forum functionality. It would be good to have someone who will regularly keep an eye on the site and keep the software updated, though, as an out-of-date WP site is a security nightmare, from what I hear.

No the site at the moment is just a free forum that they’ve been using for a few years. They have purchased hosting and it includes a free Wordpress database which I advised them to use is they want it set up like a normal website with the addition of a forum on it’s own page.

I will most likely be keeping an eye on the site for them. I did a little research and found these three plug-ins in order of my favorite to least favorite based on what read:


Any of those three stand out as inferior?

I put Vanilla first because I read something about it being the only forum plugin that worked with mobile devices