Forum menu tabs issue

The “Unread Threads” link used to cover the “Advanced Search” link but I never mention it because I never used the link. For some reason now it is covering the breadcrumb links that I use often.
See attachment:

It seems to be because the .navtabs ul is positioned absolutely. There’s no real reason to use position: absolute; in this case. It should be removed.

On a similar note, I also notice that the topic links have gone bold all the time instead of bold if unread and normal if read.

It is a known problem with the new CSS file and is being resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fix. Now if you could only make the stickies and the first thread have more contrast between them or at least switch the order of the zebra stripe by changing (2n+1) to (2n).

It makes you think the first thread after the stickies is one of the stickies.
Thanks. :slight_smile: