Forum members are enablers

What’s one of the most annoying thing in forums? Horribly phrased questions. The ones written that show no respect for the reader. Specifically the ones whom English is their native tongue yet there question is written as if it was not. Non native speakers get a pass on this issue. We think to ourselves… “Help me help you - help me help you!” Right? Well then why do you still answer their poorly phrased question. The fact that we still answer allows this behavior to continue. There is no deterrent for laziness. We enable this behavior by tolerating it. Well I say NO MORE. If we instead let lazy questions sit there indefinitely unanswered it will stop this cycle. I say no more enabling Sitepoint. Demand that questions are given at least a minimum amount of thought before you give yours. My 2 cents.

As long as the problem that needs addressing is clearly identified, I’m not too worried. Some poorly expressed questions make the problem quite clear, while questions in fine English are not clear at all. :rolleyes:


I answer because this is a web dev forum, not an English grammar one. :wink:

The way I see it, we all have strengths in different areas. I honestly don’t believe that not answering someone’s question will make them revisit the way they wrote it. But you’re entitled to your opinion. :slight_smile:

Answered, questions must be.

Holy smiley Ralphman!


to answer, or not to answer - your choice