Forum - html

I have seen the sitepoints forum. Each thread is written as a html page. In my own forum I have used php variables eg


With id representing the postnumber of the thread.

I have two questions

  1. Will HTML come up higher in google. I have noticed that my pages are not indexed by google.
  2. How would you go about writing a forum with threads in html when its all stored in a database

You can have that kind of url with vbseo.
Or if you have vb 4.x you can can use their url feature as well.

Having keywords on the url sure does help to some extent ranking better on SERP.

you can use .html extension anytime using .htacess or any other method. actually you can use any other extension like www.

.html does not affect the indexing of google. old books may say .html is the priority of Google. but now I think all are the same.

Well I ahve several websites which use “?id=” and they are not indexed on google

eg I might have several pages called


None of these pages will be indexed on google.

If the pages are not listed it’s likely to be because of something other than the extension/path. Your most likely problem is that google is seeing the pages as duplicate content.

To fix this ensure that each page has a unique <title>, I would recommend that you use the forum post title for this, add the post id to the end if you want to be double sure.

echo "<title>$post_title - $post_id

Also check in Google webmaster tools that can be quite useful on bringing up problems.

Other things to check are that Google can reach your pages ie that are not hidden from the public/unregistered users and that they are linked somehow in the html. Use a sitemap if in doubt, it’s easy enough to generate a sitemap with all the posts in it - then submit this to google webmaster tools.

I’d say the problem isn’t with the URL’s of your pages – but likely lie elsewhere… are there… links to those pages? Are the pages with those links linked to? Are all the links set to the default behavior or have you set up nofollow on them or as a meta or in .htaccess?

Though without an example site, it’s hard to say; but using .htaccess all my recent sites don’t even have extensions at all and they index just fine.

Though if we use the site in your signature, it could be being slapped down for excessive size (from all the inlined content), non-semantic (and often disastrously bad) HTML, etc,etc…

Heck, even the XHTML 1.1 could be causing issues (there’s a reason it’s considered non-deployable real world) though I doubt that would be a google problem, just a compatibility one.

I think the lack of semantic block level containers making the ENTIRE page one massive run-on could be a hefty part of any problems… the listing of a sitemap in the robots.txt (which is nonsensical) could also be confusing or even neutering results. Some people claim that works – I’ve found it pretty well tanks entire sites.

Could even simply be Google can’t parse it right, given the XHTML 1.1 served as text/html with 82 validation errors… higher up the XHTML tree, the less tolerant the rules.

The site is the one in my signature.

Its just the forum that is not indexed on google. And the forum is still only days old. I have another site which uses similar techniques and php pages with “?id=34” variables are not indexed at all.

and thanks alexson - I will impliment what you say