Hi, are they a good form software that I can use and be able to place the workable forms on clients website that I am building?


Depends on what technology you are using to build your clients site
Gravity forms is a good option for Wordpress sites

The SaaS in my sign may be useful to you, as it provides various types of embed codes and allows publishing on WordPress sites, Blogger and social media.
Hope it helps

You might want to check out WooFoo. There are also lots of free tutorials online that show you how to build your own PHP forms.

Woofoo is good, simple and easy to use but better is to learn to create the forms with your own code. This feature is also available in almost all the web development softwares like dreamweaver, frontpage etc.

just use plain good old contact form 7 if your on wordpress

Use form builder its so easy to use and manage it.