Forms - SUBMIT- where do I place my address

I have come across a form I want to use but I’m having a real problem.

WHERE do I place my email address, so that upon completion of the form, the person can hit the Submit button and I receive their details.

At the moment I have input type=“button” value="Email Me"onClick etc etc but nothing is happening.

All the details can be found at

Thanks for any help.

Paul - a real beginner.

What’s missing is the form action.

You need some kind of a script that processes the form data and sends it to your email address. There are various free ones out there, or you can write your own in PHP.

You need something like <form method=“post” action=“sendform.php”>.

You then create a new text file and save it as “sendform.php”. See an example I wrote a few weeks ago for what goes in that file: