Forms - reset field after submit. - simple question

hey everyone,

i don’t have too much experience withe forms… so here goes.

i have created a splash page with a notification of website launch email field.

user enters e-mail, hit submit - tata i have them in my address book

but how do i reset the email field to be black after they have hit submit?

or can i re-direct the page to another one? for example how can i create link from the submit button - that when they click it it says - thank you … bla lba… you will be notified when webghg is officially launched.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

<form action="page2.html">


Then create a file called “page2.html” with your “thank you” message.

thanks vgarcia…

sorry these are silly questions… but… i already have an - so… i tried to add 2 actions but that didn’t work.

like i mentioned i don’t know forms :frowning:

The best thing to do is send the form to a page that uses server-side code to process your information. Something like this:

<form action="mypage.php">

Then in “mypage.php”, have a server-side script (for example, PHP or ASP) send you an e-mail containing the information the user entered. “mypage.php” can also display a “Thank you” message after the mail has been sent, thus doing “double duty” for you.

ya i know, not allowed to use php… oh well… i can figure it out… can i reset the fields at least tho? so they don’t keep clicking submit - and e-mailing me 10x?

Try using this:

<form onsubmit="this.reset();">

Ktown - what are you using to process the form?

I like working with formmail, and by setting up the variables properly it’s really easy to redirect to another page. Do a Google search for Formmail if your not familiar with it and look into the documentation - it’s really easy to setup and use.


i was just using email… not very good is it :frowning:
i’ll try it and let you know how it works!

I actually use a version of Formmail called “BFormmail” that’s very good, and you can get it from