Forms Registration/Login

Hi there, I am finally stumped and i have absolute no idea what happens after creating a registration form and login form. I have Validated both forms, but what happens after that? I click register or login and nothing happens? Should after logging direct you to a members page or any sort of page?? This is a silly question but i have no idea how to setup a register and login page. Somebody Please help! Thanks in advance!

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What happens is what you want to happen… so it depends on what you want to happen. You may want to take them to another page where they will have content that will only available when checked in, or load the same page and show them information that wasn’t there because it was “private” (only for logged members)

Or you may want to check the type of user it is… maybe, if he’s someone that pays a subscribtion, you want him to be directed to another page but if it isn’t, you want some kind of “go premium” thing on the page…

So, basically, what happens next depends on your goals and what you want to do.


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