Former Direct Media Exchange Publishers - Fox and Oridian Not Paid

Obviously the platform is now closed, so no login details etc.

Is anyone still chasing payment their owed from advertisers?

So far Fox and Oridian have not paid, and stopped replying to my e-mails. Both owe me near $100 too.

Fox has gotten very bad with payments ever since DMX shut down. Luckily, I managed to get most of my money out of them, they still owe me about $18.55.

I’ve removed their ads from rotation and won’t be working with them again. Their eCPMs are on the higher side for yieldmanager networks but this lack of publisher respect is quite annoying…

As for the platform closed - not sure, I can still access our accounts there.

As for FOX - we had very unpleasant situation recently when they asked us to provide some traffic urgently for a special campaign, and we did that. Several days later they told that the campaign was stopped unfortunately. I contacted them several times to find out whether we would get the payment for that traffic sent to them or not. It took me more than 3 weeks to get a reply from them. Actually the amount owned was small, but the worst thing is really awful attitude towards publishers. It seems to me that they avoided us intentionally.

I finally received a reply from Fox yesterday about giving them my PayPal address for payment - lets see if I receive.

Still nothing at all from Oridian - does anyone have a contact there?

With regard to the platform, how are you still able to access? re-directs to their homepage for me.

Sorry, may be we are talking about different sides of one question ) We use the following URL:

I am a publisher and I also have worked with FOX and Oridian.

Same here. No payment from Oridian after trying to get it for about 9 months or a year.

At first, they were very cordial about trying to help, but at some point they stopped returning my emails. The emails aren’t bouncing back, so I assume they are still around in some capacity.

Fox sent payment yesterday, just to update.

With regard to Oridian, they said they have paid me twice for amounts, which I need to check and verify. However, their policy states that they won’t send payment for < $20 in a month… I have had 4 months under this, but which total around $35-40, so I have queried why I just can’t receive this via PayPal. It is my mistake for saying they owe me the full amount (if I find the other two payments), but I think their communication has been very poor on the whole.

razorweasel, if you like, I can give you the email address of the person that got back to me if you like?