Formatting issue

hi folks,
i am developing a website and i m having formatting issue. the orange heading where it says ‘location’ and ‘sharing’

The two boxes appear to be cells within a table.

The contents on the right fill the cell and so the heading appears at the top of the cell. The contents of the cell on the left do not fill the cell and so the contents are centered vertically which has the effect of lowering the header.

Add valign=“top” to the left-hand <td> tag something like…

<td width=“487” valign=“top” style=“background-color:#d5e6f0; border:1px #0064a2 solid;”>

have you tried dream weaver , I guess using it can solve your problem

Thanks i fixed it i m having problem in another link (i updated the form link) i also tried it valign top bt not working?

It all looks good to me.

What’s the problem?

if u see this page. the location and sharing. aren’t aligned (headings in orange)

Not a great difference, but have a look at the heights of the 2 lines below.

The height of the cell containing the word “Shared” could be increased using <td height=“30px”… Trial and error will quickly work out what height works best.

Hi, where exactly is it supposed to be vertically aligned?

If you mean horizontally, it’s because the <p> have left padding applied to it which pushes the text over a bit to not match the headings.