Formatting Issue (CSS)

---------- RESOLVED ------------

OK, I was changing some items in my CSS, nothing out of the ordinary, and then my page is screwed up. I can not see what I did wrong, or any problems with the code. Please help.

Here is the page:

As you can see, the content area (not the black sidebar), is really far to the right. I have no clue what is going on with this. Please help me out.

I will do so in the future, thanks

Good that you found it. It can be a pain that CSS

I think anyone would have had a hard time answering your post within the 7 minutes that you solved it :slight_smile:

If you make a post and find the answer yourself it is good etiquette to post the answer your found as it may help others in a similar situation and also makes the thread useful and then no need for deletion. Even if the answer isn’t much use to anyone elese it still gives a resolution to the thread.

Normally we don’t delete or close any threads (unless its spam etc).

Thanks fo rthe response. I found that too, right after I posted this, lol.

There should be an option to delete your posts if there are no responses.

This is what I found in your content div

<div id="sidebarcontactus">

Is that correct?

And can you show the css for the content div