Form textarea to remain fixed (no resize)

Good day,

I am trying to build a contact page and insert it into Mr. Paul O’B layout (

I was wondering if the following effect can be achieved as on contact page from Mr. Andy Clarke website which is:
contact form remains “fixed” including text area, when you try to pull the resize handle (bottom right) -it doesn’t respond.

Please, see printscreen form.png attached as to how I want form fields to be positioned (fixed,with no resize option).

Please, see html and css files attached.

Any advice is appreciated.

I resized the textarea just fine in Chrome. You are better off not trying to force no-resize, or trying to force anything concerning forms.

Andy Clarke does it with this in his CSS file:

textarea {
  resize: vertical;

I must say, I’ve not seen that before, but TBH, I kind of like it. :slight_smile:

Because it’s new, though (CSS3), it’s not supported in all browsers. Mind you, I can’t remember which browsers allow the rezising of textareas like that. Does IE? (I hardly ever use it.)

Thanks guys. It works fine for me in Firefox and Chrome. I like this effect - really neat.