<form> Text Coloring</form>

Sitepoint Members,
I noticed that the text that shows when a simple image of a form is slow to appear is black and not the same as the color of the text for the rest of the web site.

The line I have is
<input type=“image” src=“yyy.gif” title=“zzz” alt=“zzz” />

“zzz” show up black instead of the same color as the rest of the text. How do I fix that?



Specify the color you want for that element. E.g.

input {color: red;}

I didn’t know you can use the color property in <input>.

Congrats on your Community Spirit Award (and your Dan Schulz Award too).

Thanks Ralph,


Yes, it’s a bit odd that you have to, but o well. Thanks for the congrats. :slight_smile: