Form Sending Issues


We have made a small website in php with a form… on the dev server everything works fine… when moved to the shared server and the form no longer sends… we moved it to one of our dedicated servers and it works fine on that.

I am sure it is a setting on the server (cPanel)… I have rung support for the server and since they were bought out by Melbourne IT they are absolutely hopeless and have been no help.

I am sure I have had this issues before and the server admins fixed it… has anyone had this issue and knows how to fix it?


what error do you get? what problem came up while debugging?

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I think we would need to see the code that isn’t working.

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It looks like it’s some server configuration issue. Check your php.ini settings, but first check the server’s error log. If you’re seeing no error on screen the error might just be in the error log.


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