Form processing

I was asked to make a form for work. I cannot find somebody who knows what scripting languages I can use…(don’t ask). While waiting for an answer, I would like to move on. What could I do if php/asp are not available? I really don’t want to do it in JS…

My form is basically a wizard: Are you a,b,c or d? If a or b, page two asking a or b, then page with info. if c or d page with info.

The form is basic, but don’t know what I can use.

no, if 4 is selected the page would say e-mail me, with a link. Other options will just have the information either on the page, or I may put it into a text area for easy copy & paste.

So it will be a form that will be used for sending mail? Than you could use CGI as well.

CGI Email

If you don’t want to do it server-side or client side, why not just use links? eg?

If you are A click here.
If you are B click here.
If you are C or D here.

but annoying…

Yes it would, but you said you could guarantee Javascript would be available, and jump menus are keyboard accessible.

It’s incredibly easy to do with Javascript, if you don’t have to worry about people not having Javascript.

<select onChange="window.location=this[this.selectedIndex].value">
<option value="option1.htm">First option</option>
<option value="option2.htm">Second option</option>
<option value="option3.htm">Third option</option>

The first question that comes to mind is: What purpose is the form for. Before we know that, it’s a bit hard to say what to use and in which way

This is not a form for personal use, it is for work so switch in hosting is not possible. I am simply too new and low in the company to know who to ask, so instead of shooting e-mails out, I wanted to know my options… Thanks

Yeah, I am ‘at home’ with php. I don’t have developer access, so I don’t know if PERL/PHP/etc work/installed. I didn’t want to do it in JS. We are forced to use IE8, we cannot disable JS, so I don’t have to worry about not having JS on…

The pages below will be useful
How to make a web form

Or you may have look for a hosted service like Wufoo or FormStack

The easiest way would be to use PHP. Otherwise you can use programming languages like Perl but that is more of a learning curve! Otherwise you can use Javascript, but it’s harder to make that accessible to those without JS.

So I am having issues with this. Is there no way to use a variable in the url or am I just a noob?

Say I have test.html, I want to choose my selection, hit submit. i wish for the form to be self submitting, so when I hit submit, it goes to text.html?guideline=doc. Some stuff I have read says yes, some says yes with a needed script, and others don’t really say.

wouldn’t that act like a jump menu Stevie? Has to be 508 accessible

see post 1?
A user is given 4 options, the first two options will need to ask a second question, which will spit out information
option 3 will just give information
option 4 will be ok just e-mail me.

I don’t have any problems with designing it, I wanted to know if I could use SSI or something vs just JS. I think ASP is available, but I am not sure, and I don’t know ASP…